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I've been in marketing for about 10 years, working remotely for the past 9, mostly doing Facebook Ads and social media strategy for CPG brands, but for the past 2 years or so more focused on growth marketing and conversion optimization between my own projects and my full time job. Download my resume here.

Professional Experience

Story Swag

Growth Marketer 2020 - Present

  • Ran FB Ads campaigns that resulted in a 1:3 CAC:LTV ratio
  • Optimized subscription pricing to increase revenue & perceived value while maintaining conversion rate
  • Designed upsell interactions to increase paid subscriptions

Story Swag is an iOS app used by SMB owners to produce beautiful videos & slideshows to promote their businesses. I have been running pricing strategy (increasing revenue without negatively affecting conversions and retention) as well as highly profitable Facebook Ads campaigns.


Marketing + Growth 2019 - Present

  • Designed optimizations to increase enterprise conversions from free to paid tiers at Parabol
  • Developed strategy and campaign concepts for several Fortune 500 companies in consumer finance and biotech.

I have been creating and executing growth strategies at consumer and B2B tech startups on a contract basis as well as working with Fortune 500 companies at brand consultancy Prophet.

Additionally, I have been working on brand strategy, campaign ideation, copywriting, and competitive research for Fortune 500 clients in finance, insurance, biotech, and telecommunications at Prophet, a branding agency in New York City on a freelance capacity.

Facebook Ads Course in Spanish

Coach + Instructor 2019 - 2020

  • Grew my email list to over 2,000 highly engaged and relevant members with <$100 of ad spend

Having worked with well-known brands for so many years, I decided it’d be a breath of fresh air to work with local small and medium businesses and help them apply what I’ve learned over the years. I coached business owners in marketing one-on-one, and I also created an online course on Facebook advertising geared around helping SMB owners generate new customers.

Little Arrows

Strategist and Paid Media Manager 2013 - 2019

  • Used FB Ads to grow in-store sales for several CPG clients by 12-44%
  • Amplified Piper Heidsieck champagne's sponsorship of The Oscars on social media to reach 15 million viewers on a relatively tiny budget
  • Established social media impact measurement standards for in-person brand events

I was the first employee—a strategist—at this boutique social media agency with a focus on nationally-distributed CPG products, including Champagne Piper Heidsieck, think Products, and Bare Snacks. Over the years I became the paid media manager and data analyst, never dropping my strategy role, and had a hand in design, copywriting, and account services.

POKE New York

Creative 2010 - 2013

  • Designed & ideated digital campaigns for American Express, The Body Shop, and Penguin Books
  • Co-led the agency's website redesign and implemented it in design, code, and copy

At this digital creative shop I wore many hats, ideating and designing social & digital campaigns for our clients.


Chia Supply

The most comprehensive list of Chia Plotters for hire

  • Created & implemented an SEO strategy driving around 1,000 unique visitors to the site per week, of whom 65% engage with one of our members
  • Implemented Google Tag Manager to track site engagement
  • Respond to customer service requests

Home Well Services

A remotely-run home cleaning company in Minneapolis

I started a home cleaning company in Minneapolis from my home in Guadalajara, Mexico. I designed, wrote, and built a beautiful website, hired independent contractors remotely, and very quickly grew it to the point where I had more work coming in than I staff to service them thanks to a strategic combination of Yelp SEO, Thumbtack, and Bark ads. I was consistently told by clients I had the best customer service and was the most professional provider they had encountered in this industry.


Hyper-personalized cold email campaigns for B2B startups

Fast Forwarder is a warm lead generation service for B2B startups where I created hyper-personalized cold emails to reach out to potential buyers. Turns out I'm really good at finding interesting tidbits about leads online which pique their interest. I designed, built, and did the copywriting for the site, and ran the company for a few months.